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Error: No exact match was found

​I had just finished some significant upgrades to an InfoPath SharePoint list form and moved it to production when users of the form started to have this validation error: “my:PersonOrGroupFieldName Error: No exact match was found” In my upgrade process, I had changed one of my existing Person or Group fields from allowing the selection […]

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SharePoint Designer (SPD) Workflow is not Updating

I have seen this come up twice within the last few months on the MSDN forums, so I thought I’d write a note about it. My problem was with SharePoint Designer 2007;a few years ago, but the issue seems to present in SharePoint Designer 2010 also. Problem: Modifications to a workflow in SharePoint Designer (SPD) […]

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SharePoint Designer Workflow Will Not Move Actions

Ran into a problem again that I’ve run into before. Sometimes, in a SharePoint Designer workflow, you cannot move actions up or down. The command is active in the action menu, but it does not respond when you choose it. This has happened to me before, and I have always had to recreate the step […]

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