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How to Find Out What InfoPath Fields Have Changed

Ever get this message when you open an InfoPath form to edit? One or more fields in the SharePoint list have changed. Do you want InfoPath to update the set of available fields? You may need to modify your form view to add or remove the updated fields. Most of the time, you can just […]

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Error: No exact match was found

​I had just finished some significant upgrades to an InfoPath SharePoint list form and moved it to production when users of the form started to have this validation error: “my:PersonOrGroupFieldName Error: No exact match was found” In my upgrade process, I had changed one of my existing Person or Group fields from allowing the selection […]

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What if [Me] is a Group?

One of the most common views asked for on a SharePoint list is the “Assigned to Me” view. But what if “Assigned to Me” is really “Assigned to Me” or “Assigned to My Group”? I have struggled with this one for custom lists for a while now. Short of custom DVWPs which I have done, […]

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The Perfect Storm (InfoPath, Versioning and Rich Text)

Update April 1, 2015 Microsoft apparently issued a hotfix for this issue in June of 2013. If this is your problem – then get the hotfix here:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2817395 I have a SharePoint list with a custom InfoPath list form, versioning turned on (3 major versions only), and 3 multi-line text fields that are defined as […]

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InfoPath Promoted Columns Will Not Display Data

Came across this again today at a client site. They had an InfoPath form published to a form library, but they were not promoting all of the data collected in the form out to the SharePoint library as columns. Since they wanted to do some reporting on the data in the forms, I promoted the […]

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How to get the %20 out (or really how to never have it in the first place)

​I’m on a mission. A mission to get the %20 out of SharePoint URLs. They’ve been around long enough, I think; years, now. So ugly. So problematic. Let’s just get rid of them, OK? You see them everywhere, including the URL for the default “Shared Documents” library that comes with a SharePoint team site. What […]

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Easy No-Frills (or Code) Document Management

Documents created in Office store details, called properties, about the file (a descriptive title, the author name, the subject, keywords) that identify important information. Properties remain with a document and can be viewed by anyone who opens the document. If you store the documents in SharePoint, you can use the data tracking capabilities of the […]

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