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What if [Me] is a Group?

One of the most common views asked for on a SharePoint list is the “Assigned to Me” view. But what if “Assigned to Me” is really “Assigned to Me” or “Assigned to My Group”? I have struggled with this one for custom lists for a while now. Short of custom DVWPs which I have done, […]

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Adding newsfeed to an upgraded SharePoint Team Site

​Found a great little post about how team sites look before and after an upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. In the article, it mentions how to turn on the newsfeed (something that is included with NEW SharePoint 2013 team sites). I had already figured out that the newsfeed was a feature called “Site […]

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When is a Member not a Member?

When they are part of a new SharePoint 2013 team site. A funny thing happened on the way to SharePoint 2013. The members permission group we all know and love got a very significant permission upgrade. If you open up a new SharePoint team site, you will notice that the members group now has a […]

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