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InfoPath Promoted Columns Will Not Display Data

Came across this again today at a client site. They had an InfoPath form published to a form library, but they were not promoting all of the data collected in the form out to the SharePoint library as columns. Since they wanted to do some reporting on the data in the forms, I promoted the […]

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SharePoint Designer Workflow Will Not Move Actions

Ran into a problem again that I’ve run into before. Sometimes, in a SharePoint Designer workflow, you cannot move actions up or down. The command is active in the action menu, but it does not respond when you choose it. This has happened to me before, and I have always had to recreate the step […]

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How to get the %20 out (or really how to never have it in the first place)

​I’m on a mission. A mission to get the %20 out of SharePoint URLs. They’ve been around long enough, I think; years, now. So ugly. So problematic. Let’s just get rid of them, OK? You see them everywhere, including the URL for the default “Shared Documents” library that comes with a SharePoint team site. What […]

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Changing the 2010 Team (Wiki) Sites Home Page

SharePoint 2010 Team Sites are wikis with all the familiar team site default lists and libraries. The home page of a Team Site is Home.aspx making the URL for a Team Site something like http://server/TeamSite/SitePages/Home.aspx. To me, this is odd and frustrating (maybe it will be an improvement for users who are not used to […]

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Easy No-Frills (or Code) Document Management

Documents created in Office store details, called properties, about the file (a descriptive title, the author name, the subject, keywords) that identify important information. Properties remain with a document and can be viewed by anyone who opens the document. If you store the documents in SharePoint, you can use the data tracking capabilities of the […]

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