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Error: No exact match was found

‚ÄčI had just finished some significant upgrades to an InfoPath SharePoint list form and moved it to production when users of the form started to have this validation error:

“my:PersonOrGroupFieldName Error: No exact match was found”

In my upgrade process, I had changed one of my existing Person or Group fields from allowing the selection of only a single user (People Only) to allowing People and Groups. I realized right away that I had forgotten to make the change on the production list. I did that and republished my form, but I was still getting the same error.

I wasn’t using this field on my form at all, and I was assigning the value to it with a workflow, so I’ll admit that I was stumped as to why a validation error was firing.

I finally took apart the .xsn and looked at all the .xml and .xsd files. When I did, I noticed that there was an extra .xml file and _that_ file had the offending Person/Group field in it. Now it hit me what was going on. I opened my form back up in design mode and checked the View dropdown in the Page Design tab. There it was, another view of my form, that I had forgotten was there (it’s been a while since I touched this form) that was using the Person/Group picker that I had changed. I went into the properties of the field and under the General tab, I changed the picker to allow People and Groups instead of just People Only.

Two lessons learned here

  1. Changing the properties of a SharePoint list column does not necessarily change the properties of the corresponding InfoPath control – even on list forms.
  2. Check for alternate views you forgot you had.