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Office 2013 Themes

​In an effort to distract myself from Troy having left for SPS Nashville without me, I began playing with my new install of Office 2013. I noticed one big difference right away – the theming. You get three. Three. White, grey or gray. But you also get these nifty little “backgrounds” that you can add […]

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How to Find Out What InfoPath Fields Have Changed

Ever get this message when you open an InfoPath form to edit? One or more fields in the SharePoint list have changed. Do you want InfoPath to update the set of available fields? You may need to modify your form view to add or remove the updated fields. Most of the time, you can just […]

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Error: No exact match was found

​I had just finished some significant upgrades to an InfoPath SharePoint list form and moved it to production when users of the form started to have this validation error: “my:PersonOrGroupFieldName Error: No exact match was found” In my upgrade process, I had changed one of my existing Person or Group fields from allowing the selection […]

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What if [Me] is a Group?

One of the most common views asked for on a SharePoint list is the “Assigned to Me” view. But what if “Assigned to Me” is really “Assigned to Me” or “Assigned to My Group”? I have struggled with this one for custom lists for a while now. Short of custom DVWPs which I have done, […]

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