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SharePoint Designer Workflow Will Not Move Actions

Ran into a problem again that I’ve run into before. Sometimes, in a SharePoint Designer workflow, you cannot move actions up or down. The command is active in the action menu, but it does not respond when you choose it.

This has happened to me before, and I have always had to recreate the step from scratch. A big pain, but most of the time, the step only had two or three actions.

THIS time, I had a workflow with 9 actions. Not just any actions, but “Collect Data” actions. These are complicated actions with multiple configuration steps that create content types in SharePoint. I was NOT going to recreate this step of the workflow unless I absolutely had do; I needed to find a way to fix it.

I opened the .xoml file for the workflow as XML using SharePoint Designer. This allowed me to see the actions in all the steps of my workflow.

A step’s XML looks something like this, with all the actions within the step listed within the tag:

<SequenceActivity x:Name="<Name>">
  <ns1:LookupActivity x:Name="<Name>" />
  <ns0:SetVariableActivity x:Name="<Name>"></ns0:SetVariableActivity>
  <ns0:LogToHistoryListActivity x:Name="<Name>"  />
  <ns1:CollectDataTask x:Name="<Name>" />

I reordered the CollectDataTasks the way that I needed them and saved the file. When I reopened the workflow using the workflow designer, the actions were in my new, corrected order.