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Changing the 2010 Team (Wiki) Sites Home Page

SharePoint 2010 Team Sites are wikis with all the familiar team site default lists and libraries. The home page of a Team Site is Home.aspx making the URL for a Team Site something like http://server/TeamSite/SitePages/Home.aspx.

To me, this is odd and frustrating (maybe it will be an improvement for users who are not used to web part pages, though) so I starting figuring out how I could change it; turns out there are a couple of ways.

1. Go to Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Manage Site Features.

Deactivate the Wiki Page Home Page feature.
Disadvantage: Exposes features to Site Owners.

2. Open the site in SharePoiint Designer and right click on

Choose Set as Home Page from the menu.
Disadvantage: Access to SPD.

3. Easiest, non-feature exposing, non-SPD way.

Navigate to the home page of the site.
Remove /SitePages/Home.aspx from the URL.
Append default.aspx to the URL.
When default.aspx loads, click Page in the Ribbon, then Make Homepage from Page Actions.

I have also created a site template with default.aspx as the home page and successfully created sites from it.